CBD to help you quit smoking

cbd w pomocy rzucania palenia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cigarettes kill an average of about 7 million people in one year, and in Poland alone it is 70,000 people. Every smoker must be aware that smoking does not destroy only or up to the lungs, but the whole body – brain, throat, heart, ovaries or bladder. The cigarette contains over 7,000 chemical compounds that are harmful not only to smokers, but also to people in their environment and the environment. Addiction is not a problem, only an addict.

If you are an addict, you probably know how hard it is to give up this addiction. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes is addictive both mentally and physically. With each subsequent cigarette, our tolerance increases, which makes the body demand more and more quantities. What to do to finally cut yourself off from addiction?

How CBD Works for Smokers

One of the most important roles in this case is played by the effect on serotonin receptors. Cannabidiol effectively raises the level of this hormone, which is responsible for a good mood and the proper functioning of the reward center in the brain, which is stimulated at the time of cigarette lighting. After consuming CBD, a person even a compulsive smoker does not feel the need to stimulate it again.

CBD also has a positive effect on the effects of nicotine withdrawal, which are most often manifested by anxiety, stress and sleep disorder.


Cannabidiol has a positive effect on health – it has no addictive, intoxicating or psychoactive effect.

Benefits of using CBD:

– It is not addictive – we want to get out of addiction and not fall into another one;

– Does not contain nicotine – unlike pharmacological agents, cannabidol does not contain nicotine, and completely eliminates it;

– Supports the fight against mental addiction – to get rid of the habit of reaching for something that can be smoked, it takes long weeks, months and even years of work on yourself.

-Calms – CBD allows you to calm down, which is necessary to get out of addiction;

How will CBD help you quit cigarettes?

CBD oil has the effect of:

  • relaxing and relaxing,
  • allows you to reduce tension in moments of severe stress,
  • facilitates falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep,
  • improves concentration,
  • improves well-being – which is important at the initial stage, when nicotine cravings are difficult to endure.

Cannabidiol, which improves well-being, minimizes the negative effects of quitting smoking. People who want to stop smoking are very often irritable, so it is worth using oils that have a relaxing effect.