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We are a company that sets itself the highest quality of offered products as the overarching goal. We deal with the production process from the very beginning, that is, from the grain. Wir haben unsere eigenen Faserhanfkulturen.

We do not use any chemical plant protection products. As a local company, we focus on quality not quantity. Hemp harvesting is carried out manually, which allows to maintain the maximum content of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids. This has a huge impact on the effectiveness of our products. We cooperate with the scientific and research unit of the Technical University of Lodz. Biotechnology and Food Sciences. With plants that are organically grown and their quality is monitored at every stage of laboratory growth. We decided to produce alcohol-based extracts and oils.

Alcoholic extraction and synergistic effects of the substance.

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Therapeutic properties of cannabidiol(CBD):

The reason cannabis works so well against so many ailments and diseases is because of the endocannabinoid system , the center responsible for the health and proper functioning of almost every organism in the world.
CBD is responsible for the correct course of the basic physiological processes of the human body; such as appetite, thirst, movement, memory, sleep or pain sensation.


Alcoholic extraction

For our extraction we use only ethanol because we believe
that this is the most effective method and gives the best results.
For comparison, we compare the most commonly used
carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction with
alcohol extraction (Ethanol).


Manufactured in Poland

It is worth checking whether a product is of Polish origin and supporting native brands. By buying Polish products we influence the development of our economy. Indirectly, we help other people to get jobs, we improve the quality of life of our compatriots. Satisfied people next to us is our better life together.


Products that contain CBD in their composition can be taken in very different ways. The most popular is certainly CBD oil, which is easily served as an additive to drinks or directly into the mouth. Oils available in our online store do not have a strong taste, so even toddlers accept them willingly.

Cannabidiol, like other valuable substances contained in legal hemp, can also be found in the cosmetics we offer: body lotions, lipsticks, hand and foot protection creams or hair shampoos. Legal hemp is also a natural, liposomal supplement rich not only in cannabidiol, but also in terpenes and flavonoids.

Our online store is not only a place where you can buy ready-made liposomals. As a Polish manufacturer of CBD oils, alcoholic extraction is also available in our offer – just entrust the specialists with the dried product you own or recommended by us. The alcohol extraction of dried fruit carried out by us gives the opportunity to obtain products of the highest quality known origin.

Payments can be made in a traditional way, or using cryptocurrencies, i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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We provide extraction service from dried herbs.

Dry cannabis flowers

We produce dried herbs for many applications - 100% naturally.

Laboratory tested

We cooperate with the scientific and research unit of the Technical University of Lodz.


We can achieve more with it.

Tests and Certificates

The highest quality CBD oils confirmed by research

Our ultimate goal as a manufacturer of cbd oils is to create the highest quality products. We use our own organic fiber hemp crops for this purpose. This results in high quality CBD oils.


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Przez wieki pasożyty przystosowały się do życia wewnątrz organizmu człowieka w taki sposób, że nie jesteśmy w stanie samodzielnie ich rozpoznać i zwalczyć. Jednak obecność tych niepożądanych gości prowadzi do zaburzeń w organizmie, a niektóre mogą nawet zagrażać naszemu życiu.

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Różeniec górski

Różeniec górski Różeniec górski(Rhodiola rosea) jest surowcem roślinnym stosowanym od tysiącleci w chińskiej medycynie ludowej. Rhodioli przypisuje się wywieranie pozytywnego wpływu na funkcjonowanie układu nerwowego

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