The power of cannabis my story.


My name is Beata and I want to share with you my story related to the treatment of cannabis and CBD oils. I decided to describe my story for several reasons, and the most important of these is the desire to show other people who are struggling with similar health problems an alternative method of therapy, which is still little known, although in my opinion deserves at least more knowledge.

It’s spring this year, I lead a normal working life, a house of nothing extraordinary. With a small ale… Severe headaches begin more and more often I feel bad. The pain begins to be unbearable. I start my day with pain pills in large quantities. In the beginning, the ashes work less and less over time. It takes a few weeks to notice a new symptom. Terrible pain in the left eye with a fairly abundant leak. Similar to oil, but it is with blood which scares me. Everything together becomes untenable and I decide to go to the doctor. This is all happening in Germany. The doctor sends me urgently to Polish I have insurance there. In Germany, I can not count on medical care and return to the country.

In June, I make a tomograph. With such studies I have no problem, I am already after a battle with esophageal cancer in 2012. After three days there is a result. Shock to me and my loved ones in my head I have more than 4 cm of tumor. If the tumor is a tumor but what and why? Is it remission of the disease? Many questions and huge fear. I’m doing quick results. The other day there is a biopsy and oncology in the hospital a clipping is taken. There are already all the results. I hear the diagnosis of a malignant tumor, the tumor in your head is cancer. I’m in shock, the world is pounding me. Eight years ago I underwent radio-chemotherapy cancer was in the esophagus. I remember this period very badly. Cancer treatment then destroyed my body very much. A few months passed before I started trying to live a normal life. Now again, such a terrible diagnosis. A friend of mine provides me with something in a syringe that resembles a paste. I take it every day at a dose of 0.5ml. Doctors send me for immediate radiotherapy because the tumor grows rapidly. He receives 30 lamps for 6 weeks and return home. Recommended tomograph and resonance after 2 months and waiting. Doctors treat me in my own way, and I take every 6 hours a paste, droplets and lipoomal extract of betulin, the dosage of which I increase every few days.

At first I wasn’t interested in what I was taking. I remember feeling a few years ago on my first cancer attack. Now it’s different.. what is in the syringe allows me to function as normal. I have no vomiting there is more energy and desire to live. I take droplets for the evening before bedtime I dissolve in half a glass of water. 10 drops make me sometimes feel tingling in my body, clearly something happens..

In one forum I found liposomal oil. It is written on the bottle that it is Aroma. Oil ordered but how to dose it? And here he meets a wonderful man who can be said to have infected me cannabis. I received so much help and information that I was sure, hemp will save me!

At a new friend, I ordered oils and treated myself. Thanks to a friend, I met a waporizer, drank droughts like tea, CBD, hemp and betulin lipoomal extract. I changed my diet, rejected sugar and did the recommended tests. The tomograph and resonance showed something and I was referred for a PET test. In November, I did a study and a result for 2 week. Horrible were those 2 week. Stress, nerves and the question of what’s next? I felt very good, my head had not hurt for a long time the leak from the ear was over, and most importantly for 2 months I did not take anything analgesic what the doctors prescribed me. It’s been 2.5g and there’s a score. Stressed I’m going to pick up. I read once and at the second I already cry and I am shocked. There it is written that there are no active cancer cells. I’m healthy somewhere in my head. Is it possible? There were 30 lamps but the tomograph detected something. I thought, is this definitely my result? Mine, I’m healthy something cured me. Today I can say that hemp is a wonderful drug. A friend of mine said if he had as much knowledge as he did about cannabis today, eight years ago my treatment would have been much lighter for me. I know what he meant. At the moment I feel very good. I take CBD and lipoomal, every few days I reduce the dose I use a freeporizer from time to time. Today I can wholeheartedly thank my friend, a friend from the internet, for insuching me with cannabis.

For ladies I have interesting oils have also changed my skin on the face. Instead of running around beauticians and paying for expensive and painful treatments I suggest you stock up on a bottle of essential oil lipoomal or CBD.

In conclusion, I am sure that cannabis treatment for me turned out to be a blessing. For the rest of my life, I will be grateful to those who have given me drops and i have been able to personally learn about their wonderful effects on myself. I am healthy, I have won the fight against cancer.

If you’re struggling with a similar problem and need to learn more, don’t hesitate to just call. Since I recovered I have felt immense gratitude for this plant and I want to give back as much as I can by passing on information that can help people recover.

Beata Pyza tel. +48669030613