Beauty and CBD oils


The use of CBD oil The positive effect of CBD on the skin is due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, since there are many cannabinoid receptors in it with which CBD interacts. CBD modulates the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which in turn is an all-encompassing network that aims to self-regulate the biological balance […]

How will CBD work on a horse?


The most important effect that CBD oil for horse has is to reduce the hyperactivity of the animal. This will help to achieve mental peace and relaxation during exercise, making the animal feel safe. The horse gently enters a state of relaxation and, most importantly, is not deceived, because it is essential that the animal […]

Use of CBD oils in animals


Positive effects of CBD oil in ANIMALS Reduction of inflammation Reduce anxiety Positive effect on the heart Combating cancer and effectively alleviating its symptoms Adequate effect on the nervous system Pain relief Hemp products for animals Recent studies have shown that CBD oil is much more effective in the body of animals than in humans. […]

Effects of CBD oils on diseases


Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease of the brain. During the disease, brain proteins with a pathological structure are deposited, which leads to the death of nerve cells.

CBD – Health Benefits

CBD – Korzyści zdrowotne

Therapeutic potential of CBD CBD, or cannabidiol, is a phytoocannabinoid without psychoactive properties. Cannabis has been used for medical purposes in many cultures around the world for millennia. Nowadays, the therapeutic substances contained in them arouse the interest of scientists and doctors. What is hemp different from marijuana? Marijuana and hemp are two varieties of […]

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Betulina Properties

Nature Tree Konary Closeup Birch

Betulin – therapeutic potential Many plants used in traditional herbal medicine contain betulin in its composition. Modern research shows that this substance has great potential for use in the therapy of many diseases. When should I use betulin? What is its significance for the future of medicine? Betulin is found naturally in the tissues of […]

The power of cannabis my story.


My name is Beata and I want to share with you my story related to the treatment of cannabis and CBD oils. I decided to describe my story for several reasons, and the most important of these is the desire to show other people who are struggling with similar health problems an alternative method of […]

Marijuana may undo chronic changes in joints


Good news for 54 million people suffering from arthritis: The Arthritis Society has commissioned research examining the possibility of developing groundbreaking therapies using medical marijuana. Canadian researcher Dr Jason McDougall has received a strategic grant from the organisation to complete three years of research into the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of chronic joint […]