Control of epileptic seizures


What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is nothing but one of the chronic disorders of the nervous system. Epileptic seizures occur due to unexpected activity in nerve cells. Many people associate this disease with severe convulsions and loss of consciousness – of course, this is how a large seizure can occur, often with additional symptoms such as trismus or salivation. In young children, there are what are called small seizures, consisting of a brief loss of consciousness, resembling a momentary reverie.


What are the causes of epilepsy?

For several years, research has continued to be conducted on the occurrence of epilepsy and the functioning of the brain, but despite this, specialists are unable to pinpoint a specific cause of the disease.

Epileptic seizures are triggered by, among other things:

  • brain tumor
  • encephalitis or meningitis
  • blood glucose disorders
  • brain injury
  • nervous system infection
  • genetic and birth defects

It’s worth remembering that a one-time situation doesn’t have to involve a chronic condition. Very often the situation never happens again. This can be caused by the presence of high temperatures, consuming too much alcohol or an unfortunate head injury. Nevertheless, such symptoms should not be underestimated, if a specialist does not detect changes in the brain, there is a 50% chance that the next seizure will not occur.


How to treat epilepsy?

The proper diagnosis of the disease is influenced by a detailed history and complementary examination, e.g. EEG to verify brain activity, CT scan and MRI to determine the cause of epilepsy. The results obtained allow the appropriate selection of medications to enable you to manage your daily life.

The main treatment of epilepsy is with pharmacological agents that are selected according to the patient’s age, gender, and, most importantly, condition. Depending on the cause of your epilepsy, it is also possible to stop taking medication – but this can only be decided by a specialist.


Effects of CBD on epilepsy

Above all, CBD is a great way to calm down while also benefiting your mental state. Often, people suffering from epilepsy also suffer from depressive or anxiety disorders due to the aggravation of the condition. CBD oil can help improve the nervous system, stabilize emotional tension, eliminate undesirable mental symptoms and, most importantly, reduce the number of seizures.

This has to do with cannabinoids interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Among other things, it is responsible for regulating the function of the central and peripheral nervous system, thus preventing any disorders within it. Reduces the neurological excitement that causes the seizures characteristic of epilepsy.

CBD oils also quiet the inflammation in the brain that largely leads to or accompanies disease, and this affects the strength and frequency of seizures.

In terms of this ailment, the effect of CBD oil is of great importance, even more so considering the fact that it also has the ability to regenerate damaged brain cells. CBD oil does not cause any side effects in the case of sufferers, which means that it is completely safe.