CBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum 10ml


Green Hemp Sp. z o.o. is a company that sets itself the highest quality of offered products as its primary goal. It has its own hemp cultivation and deals with the production process from the very beginning, i.e. from the grain.


CBD oil 500mg FULL SPECTRUM is made from hemp grown in an organic way, without the use of plant protection products, artificial fertilizers and GMOs.
We cooperate with the scientific and research unit of the Technical University of Lodz. Biotechnology and Food Sciences. Plants are controlled at every stage of their growth. On the farm, the harvesting of hemp is carried out manually, which allows to maintain the maximum content of phytocannabinoids in the dried fruit. This has a huge impact on the effectiveness of CBD oils. In the process of oil production, alcohol extraction is used, which ensures the synergistic effect of the substances contained in hemp.

Individual cannabinoids work synergistically, so they mutually increase their health-supporting properties, which is why in order to get the maximum benefit from hemp, varieties that contain both CBD and THC in specific proportions are grown.

By buying our FULL SPECTRUM 500 mg CBD oil you get an effective, safe and legal product, the quality of which has been confirmed by independent laboratory tests.
It is obtained from hemp with a high content of cannabidiol CBD and a low content of THC<0.2%. Only natural composition without the addition of isolate.


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