CBD in the fight against diabetes


What is diabetes ?

Now recognized as a disease of civilization, with 400 million people affected and over 1.5 million people dying from it each year. What exactly is diabetes? We’ve already explained everything…

It is nothing more than an autoimmune and metabolic disease that manifests with abnormal blood glucose levels. Unfortunately, 90-95% of people with the disease have type II diabetes, often caused by poor diet, too little physical activity and stimulants – this causes sudden drops in blood sugar, preventing the proper production of insulin, which consequently does not reach the cells.

There is also Type I diabetes, which results in the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin. Unlike type II diabetes, diet or physical activity does not play a significant role in its development, but a malfunctioning immune system that destroys insulin-producing cells in the body does.

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CBD oil and diabetes

Diabetes can lead to many ailments, including high blood pressure and nerve damage. Cannabidiol is widely used for pain relief and has been shown to be effective in managing diabetes-related pain, which is mild in some patients and becomes an unbearable ailment in others.


CBD oil has been studied for its effects on a wide variety of ailments and diseases. CBD is also known to stimulate CB1 receptor stimulation by increasing insulin production, which lowers blood sugar levels. Based on this, it can be concluded that hemp oil helps in controlling diabetes. In addition, type 2 diabetes, like insulin resistance, is associated with the development of inflammation in the body, which we can counteract with cannabidiol. Using CBD oils not only helps to regulate blood sugar levels, but also improves the treatment of insulin resistance.

Appetite regulation

As we have written above, one of the factors that cause diabetes is an inadequate diet such as snacking between meals or excess sugar, which often depends on our mood, mood and stress. With research supporting the effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system, we can help ourselves fight eating disorders and thus minimize the chance of diabetes.

Fat burning

CBD’s antioxidant properties help burn fat faster and remove toxins. By reducing fat intake from food, CBD reduces fat accumulation and results in reduced weight gain.


According to research, CBD oil can turn bad fat, or white fat, into good fat, known as brown fat. Good fats burn calories faster and protect the body from heart disease and diabetes.

Healthy pancreas

Recently, a study involving 4,700 diabetic patients was conducted to analyze the relationship between CBD and insulin sensitivity. The results confirmed that taking CBD reduced insulin resistance by 17%- CBD contributes to good pancreatic health and helps the pancreas produce insulin. If enough of it is produced, blood sugar levels are controlled, resulting in a reduced risk of developing diabetes.

Liver protection

When blood sugar levels rise and insulin malfunctions, the liver converts it into fat, which over time causes liver damage – fatty liver disease. CBD will help protect it, with an endocannabinoid system that will keep the liver healthy or, if it does, slow the progression of the disease.