Sophora coneflower – phytochemical composition and therapeutic potential shown in studies

Soplowka jezowata greenhemp |

Hedgehog soplolly Hedgehog soprano(Hericium erinaceus) has attracted the interest of researchers in recent years due to its phytochemical potential. This fungus is also called Lion’s Mane mushroom or monkey’s head. Both the mycelium and fruiting bodies of soplolly contain numerous bioactive compounds with promising therapeutic effects demonstrated in in vitro, in vivo (animal) and clinical […]

Liposomal herbal preparations

preparaty liposomalne

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Herbal Preparations What are liposomes? How do liposomes increase the bioavailability of active ingredients? Liposomes in nature Use of liposomes in the manufacture of drugs and supplements Liposomes unequal liposomes – what affects the quality of liposome-based formulations? References Herbal Preparations Today, scientists have succeeded in confirming the health-promoting activity of many […]

CBD and Cancer


Cancer is one of the most common and dangerous diseases of the modern world. This is an abnormal tissue growth that cannot be controlled by the body and its normal functions.

CBD to help you quit smoking

cbd w pomocy rzucania palenia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cigarettes kill an average of about 7 million people in one year, and in Poland alone it is 70,000 people.

Control of epileptic seizures


Epilepsy is nothing but one of the chronic disorders of the nervous system. Epileptic seizures occur due to unexpected activity in nerve cells.

Effects on the immune system

działanie na układ odpornościowy

Does CBD oil affect immunity CBD oil can affect immune health by balancing what is known as the “immune system. immune tolerance status. The immune system is the human body’s primary line of defense against pathogens and other harmful threats. A properly functioning immune system distinguishes bacteria, viruses, and parasites from healthy body tissue and […]

CBD in sport

CBD w sporcie

Studies have shown that cannabidiol (CBD) has many positive effects on the human body, which is why it is increasingly being recognized and used in the sports world.

CBD in the fight against diabetes


What is diabetes ? Now recognized as a disease of civilization, with 400 million people affected and over 1.5 million people dying from it each year. What exactly is diabetes? We’ve already explained everything… It is nothing more than an autoimmune and metabolic disease that manifests with abnormal blood glucose levels. Unfortunately, 90-95% of people […]

Beauty and CBD oils


The use of CBD oil The positive effect of CBD on the skin is due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, since there are many cannabinoid receptors in it with which CBD interacts. CBD modulates the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which in turn is an all-encompassing network that aims to self-regulate the biological balance […]