Dry extraction, CBD oils

The most popular form of taking cannabidiol is undoubtedly the following olejek CBD, which is added to beverages, meals, or served directly to the mouth. Alcoholic extraction is the possibility of creating an oil from selected material of tested composition. The dried cannabis can be provided by the customer or selected from the offer of an online store. The legal cannabis you can get there are lab-tested products for CBD and other substances. Cannabidiol is not the only substance that legal hemp contains – as you will also find various types of terpenes and flavonoids.

What it consists of alcoholic extraction of dried? Our online store offers a service during which the valuable substances in the plant are dissolved, filtered and distilled in ethanol. This is a fairly simple and fast method that results in extremely pure substances contained in plants. Such a composition contributes to improving the performance of the product and gives the opportunity to use all the active substances.