Hemp oil from seeds 250ml

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Hemp oil, cold pressed from organically grown hemp seeds.

The greatest advantage of our BIO hemp oil is its strong action supporting the body’s natural immunity. Thanks to the favorable proportion of omega 6 to omega 3 (3:1), it regulates the lipid balance of the body, and supports the removal of toxins from the body. Contains vitamin E anti-steroidal and anti-inflammatory; vitamin D necessary for the proper functioning of our body; Vitamin A responsible for normal vision and vitamin K,which is responsible for normal blood clotting, prevents the rupture of blood vessels, accelerates wound healing, as well as prevents osteoporosis and inhibits the development of diseases. It contains naturally occurring in chlorophyll seeds, which has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Hemp oil contains in its composition essential fatty acids including a very valuable fraction of linolenic acid – gamma-linolenic acid GLA, which acts against inflamed, strengthening and cardioprotectively.


According to publicly available literature, research and personal experience, hemp oil exhibits the effects of:

  • improves metabolism,
  • supports the work of the heart,
  • is involved in the construction of bone tissue,
  • antibacterial and antifungal,
  • has an analgesic effect,
  • helpful for rheumatic diseases,
  • helpful in the treatment of diseases on a nervous background,
  • has antiallergic effects

Indispensable in the diet of older people, people at risk of infarction, post-infarction,people with problems of a nervous nature as well as those having problems with the bone system, the condition of the skin and hair. It is especially recommended for people with anaesthesis, avitaminosis, weakened after the disease.

Externally used:

  • has a protective operation,
  • soothes irritation,
  • has an antibacterial,
  • regenerates the epidermis,
  • regulates the production of sebum – is ideal for the fight against acne,
  • reduces itching and has a soothing effect – helpful for skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis),
  • prevents premature aging of the skin and increases its resistance to external factors,
  • regenerates damaged hair

The chemical composition of hemp oil is very similar to that of human skin, which is why it is also a highly valued dietary supplement, increasingly used by the cosmetic industry.

Cold-pressed hemp oil is free of psychoactive substances. It has a slightly nutty taste with a spicy aftersek. It has a clear green color with a possible precipitate. Due to its high content of omega acids, it requires storage in the refrigerator.

For cold use. Medicinally, it is eaten with a spoon per day.

Seeds obtained from Polish organic crops.

Certificate PL-EKO-06-005449



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