Why is alcohol extraction better than this carbon dioxide?

Alcohol compared to CO2 extraction

To begin with, you need to understand the basic differences between solvents. The main difference is that CO2 dissolves only non-polar chemical bonds, while alcohol dissolves polar and non-polar chemical bonds. Simply put, alcohol dissolves more substances. Alcohol is a solvent formed from plants for plants.

CBD with alcohol extraction is better

It should be remembered that the human body consists of 70% water. Therefore, substances dissolved in water naturally have the greatest bioavailability, absorption. Co2 extraction us about these ingredients completely depletes.

CBD and its maximum absorption

Since our body consists of 70% water, we must first digest all oils and other substances obtained using acids and enzymes. Only then will they become active.

The second, but very important product of alcohol extraction is the formation of esters. Esters are formed when organic plant acids (e.g. CBDa and other acidic forms of cannabinols) react with alcohol – and therefore also with alcoholic extraction. Carboxylic acid (COOH), contained in various more complex acids, is esterified by extraction, making it more water soluble. The CBD alcohol extract extract extract extract thus extract is more absorbent – more biologically available.


In conclusion, at the moment there is no fuller, better method of extraction than alcoholic extraction. Carbon dioxide extraction is a fast, industrial extraction as opposed to alcohol extraction which takes much more time and is more expensive. We care about the quality of the extracts obtained, so that they have as many valuable ingredients extracted from the plant in relations and concentrations occurring naturally in the plant, which is why we use only ethyl alcohol for extraction.

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