Protection for the discerning



Set for increasing the body’s immunity.


1. Extract 10ml 15% 1500mg full spectrum (on request).

2. Cold pressed BiO oil from 250ml seeds

3. 100ml Liposomal Vitamin C 1000mg.

The perfect set for the natural increase in the body’s immunity before the flu season.

The service alcoholic extraction of dried hemp fiber, which we carry out, ensures every time the highest quality fresh product full spectrum.

Our Cold Pressed BiO Seed Oil is simply tasty and healthy. Used simultaneously with full spectrum CBD extract significantly increases the pro-health properties of both products, creating a synergistic effect.

For even better protection, vitamin C has been surrounded by a lipid coating, which has increased the maximum
assimilation of the product. Biomability with such a small molecule of approx. 30nm ( gallery research) is at the level of 90-95% Its effectiveness can be compared to intravenous infusions. When you feel that something is taking you, Liposmal vitamin C will take away from you.

In the set you buy cheaper.



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